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Docker Utils

This project contains scripts to setup docker utilities that are not docker container. Those utilities will make the development of complex docker setups more easily. It is not intended to have a comprehensive solution for all use cases, but a starting point. It is expected from the user to clone the project, make changes and use it in her own Docker setups.


The project is made up of various Makefile files to be used with the make tool. Each Makefile have the help target that prints out the usage. Some of the targets expect additional variables in the form of make FOO=value target, where FOO=value is the name of the variable and the value, respectively.


make weave

The target will download the Weave client and start the Weave network.


make convoy

The target will download the Convoy client, setup the Convoy service and start the Convoy Docker module. It will create one data and one meta-data volume in the /volumes directory. Those volumes will be used by the Convoy module. The Convoy volumes can be used by a data container, as shown in the example below. In the example, the vol1 will be created in Convoy and mounted as /data inside the data container. Other containers can use the mounted volume by using the --volumes-from data option.

sudo docker run -v vol1:/data --volume-driver=convoy --name data -d debian:jessie


Licensed under a Apache 2.0 License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at or

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